How it Works:

When reading our schedule it is important that you are registering for the right type of class that you hope to be taking.  We are currently offering in-studio classes at our Victoria and Cowichan locations as well as virtual classes.  When going through our schedule, we recommend taking the following approach:

  1. Decide if you would like to dance inside a dance studio or at home. If you have decided to dance at the studio, make sure you read the necessary steps and procedures required to dance at the studio.
  2. STUDIO classes and COWICHAN STUDIO will take place at one of the locations (based on the title) and will have limited spaces in the class.
  3. VIRTUAL classes will be live-streamed from the in-studio class.  This means you are participating in a live class happening at the studio, but from the comfort of your own home.  When you register for this option you will be emailed the link to access the virtual class.
  4. If you would like to review the entire schedule for the month, including which classes are sold out, check out the full monthly schedule here. 

Register Directly with Mind Body

Register directly with Mind Body