Are you looking for the chance to dance and perform this year? Do you miss the sparkles, costumes and rehearsals?  Well, this fall we have created a new-to-P&P way of performing!

We’ve taken on elements of sessions, the former Competitive Program and the Production Program, where students registered will work toward creating a full feature dance film in collaboration with Riptide Studios to show off what you’ve learned.

How it works: 

Step 1:  Fill out the registration form

You will be required to fill out the student registration form online. This form will cover essential contact and payment information as well as preferred dance styles and scheduling.

It’s important that when it comes to styles and schedules, you put everything you’re willing to do. The more options we are given, the more flexible we can be with your schedule to ensure you are put in the right group for your preferred styles and level. For example: If you only give us one dance style and one available time slot it is likely that you will not be dancing the style you are interested in.

You will have three options to chose from for this program:

Option 1: Dancing twice a week  – $625 (or 5 payments of $125).  In this option, you will dance twice a week for the 20-week duration of the program. By selecting this option you will be in 4-6 scenes in the film. (For more information on scenes – see the Q&A at the bottom of this post)

Option 2: Dancing three times a week  – $825 (or 5 payments of $165).  In this option, you will dance three times a week for the 20-week duration of the program. By selecting this option you will be in 9-12 scenes in the film. (For more information on scenes – see the Q&A at the bottom of this post)

Option 3: Dancing as much as possible/ Having a Principal or Supporting role – $925 (or 5 payments of $185). In this option, we will try to put you in as many styles, scenes or selections as possible, while ensuring it isn’t too much!  We estimate this option to dance an average of 5-7 hours a week.

Fill out the registration form here>>>

Step 2: Make your Payment Arrangement 

Once you have registered, you will need to decide how you would like to pay.  Here is some essential payment information:

  • Existing members will be able to transition over to this program by filling out our Winter/ Spring Membership Update Form 2021 here >>>.
  • If you don’t have a membership, you can sign up for a payment plan for this program here>>>.
    • Select the link above.
    • Go to the “Enrollments tab”
    • Select which option you would like.
    • Select the payment plan or in-full option.
    • Complete your payment.
  • You can pay in full for this program at any time using the same instructions as above.
  • If you are an existing member, you will have two choices to select from should you select the 5 split payments:
    • December 27/ January 25/ February 25/ March 25/ April 25
    • January 15/ February 15/ March 15/ April 15/ May 15
  • If you have a credit on your account, you are allowed to use this credit to pay for up to 50% of your tuition. In order to do this, someone on our faculty must assist you in setting up your registration. Please email to proceed.

Step 3: Attend your cohort workshop. 

Once we have collected all the student information, you will be placed into a group with students who have the same genre interest, experience/technical background and schedule as you. You will be asked to attend a cohort workshop between January 11-14th, 2021. Don’t worry, this is not an audition!  We just want to get the cohorts together to meet, ask any questions, do costume measurements, and have you dance together to make sure everyone learns well at the same pace. This is an important step in this program as it will be a tight turnaround, so the choreographers want the cohorts to work well together for the best product!

Step 4: The program begins! 

After cohort workshops you will be given your final schedule and will start dancing.  Your schedule will be a weekly schedule that remains the same. (For example, if you selected twice a week, you will dance in the same two slots twice a week for the whole program).  Rather than the students shuffling time slots, it will be the teachers who change around to work with various cohorts.

There will be roughly 4 filming weekends throughout the program (please note this may change).  Filming days will take place on the weekends, typically Saturdays unless special circumstances arise.  Filming will be on location in Victoria.

Costume fees will be due in three installments throughout the program.  Costume fees will range from $150-$400 based on how many routines you are in. Account credits can be used up to 50% of your purchase. The costumes you purchase will be yours to keep.  You will need to provide your own essentials and some basic items (shorts, shoes, hosiery, etc.).

Step 5: Showtime!

The final film product will be made available in four parts.  You will have the option to purchase and own the film or rent it online through Vimeo.

The Story:

We will be doing a stylized murder mystery that takes place in a theatre. After the leading lady is found dead in her dressing room on opening night investigators look to the wild, seductiveve, and secretive cast and crew of the show to find their murderer.

Leading Cast Auditions:

There are 14-16 parts available in this show. All those interested in auditioning for a role must submit an audition video of them dancing to one of the listed songs. For those interested in auditioning for more than one role, you will have to submit multiple audition videos.

Audition videos must be a maximum of 1 minute long per routine and must demonstrate both dance capabilities as well as character interpretation. Instructional choreography videos will be provided for those who do not wish to do their own choreography.

Callbacks for the roles will take place on January 11-14th and will be in person at the studio.

For more specific information regarding the auditions, please visit the Facebook event, which will be released on Monday, December 21, 2020.

Important note:  As this is a series, all those auditioning for a role will be required to remain in this program until it is completed in mid-June.  There is a $1000 drop fee for principal cast who drop out of this program for us to recover the cost of rewriting the show.


Important Dates:

January 5, 2021- Principal and Supporting Role Audition Video Deadline

January 7, 2021 – Registration form deadline

January 11/12/13 – Principal and Supporting role call-backs & cohort workshops

January 15, 2021 – Payment arrangement must be finalized or paid in full

January 18, 2021 – Classes begin


In the previous Production Program students had to have a certain level of dance experience to participate, is this still the case? 

This program is more like a traditional P&P show in terms of levels and experience. All those interested in dancing at a performance level are welcome to join this program. Just be mindful that if you are new to dance, it might be an overwhelming experience at first so we encourage you to stick with the 2 times a week option. Additionally, you are being filmed which is a little more difficult than performing on stage (in certain respects, there are challenges on both sides!).

Are there limited spots in the program?  

There are a good number of spots in the program for dancers. We do only have 14 special roles, but beyond that, we have plenty of room for those who wish to dance.

Will there be extra weekend rehearsals like previous shows? 

We aren’t going to say a hard no, as we don’t totally know (it’s a new project for us too!), but our goal is to not have additional practices.  Unlike our former shows, where you would learn entire songs, cohorts are learning segments of songs in this program. So the amount of music and choreography you are expected to learn is relative to the amount of rehearsal time you have.  However, students will be welcome to book extra practices if they need to.

What is a scene? 

The show will be broken down into parts, and within each part are various scenes. Students will learn 1-2 minutes of choreography that coincide with the scenes.

What happens to this program in the event of a second wave of COVID-19?  

This program has been designed to pivot in the event of a second quarantine.  We have a filming structure A, B, and C. Students must be aware when they sign on that there is a risk that we may have to transition to learning from home for a period of time. Therefore they will need to ensure they have the appropriate technology to do so. We may have to film under these conditions as well and students will be given the appropriate guidance and equipment to do so.  Please note that this program is non-refundable, including payment programs, regardless of a second wave.

What if I get sick, show symptoms or need to quarantine? 

Of course, this is all based on the severity of individual circumstances. We will work with our students should they fall ill and are unable to complete the program in terms of payment solutions.  If you are able to move but are unable to be present at the studio, you will be able to join your cohort via Zoom during your scheduled class time.

Can I take this program exclusively from home?

No, this program is designed primarily for in the studio (as there will be spacing etc).  Learning from home is only for special circumstances and students cannot learn exclusively from home.

Can I take the program and not be filmed?

No, we will still be offering other workshops and courses throughout the studio that do not have performance opportunities.

What if I register and no longer wish to take the program?

There is a re-choreographing fee of $50 per routine you are scheduled to participate in. For principal and supporting cast there is a flat rechoreographing fee of $1000 to recast and refilm your scenes.

I’m a Sooke/ Cowichan Student, is this program available for me too? 

Yes! We will have cohorts in both Sooke and Cowichan. Please indicate your preferred location on your registration form. Both of these locations will only have the 2 class per week option, if you would like to dance more in this program you will have to come to Victoria as well.  Please note that the filming locations will be in Victoria exclusively.

Can I combine this program with your other offerings?

Yes, but we recommend sticking with the 2 classes a week option if you are planning to take our Integrative Conditioning Program: Technique & Training for the Dancer’s Mind & Body or additional workshops this fall. We even have a combo price of $250/month if you take both Production Program and Integrative Conditioning together!


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