DUDE!!!! Are you ready to see a totally tubular show filled with bodacious dancers? How about attending the most righteous party of the year?! Well, you better get tickets to Passion and Performance’s Totally Awesome 80’s Theme Show and Prom. Join us on March 2nd at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa for the most wicked party of the year! Our annual themed event is one of our most popular and tickets go FAST so listen up! Here is how the event works:

The Totally Awesome 80’s Show will be from 7:00-8:40 PM. This dance show will feature performers from all different levels from beginner to professional. We have been building the raddest, sickest, most happen’en routines for this show using the hottest songs from the 80’s.

The party will kick off after the show completes at 8:40. There will be dancing with music spun by DJ Chris Poynter, a photo booth, interactive activities with our amazing sponsors, Go Go dancers and incredible food.


Tickets will be on a sliding scale based on best visibility of the stage. Each section has a set amount of tickets so please be sure to buy ahead so that you get the seats you want! Members tickets will go on sale January 14th, 2019 and can be purchased at our studio. General Admission tickets will go on sale January 28th, 2019 at 11:00 am.


If you want to indulge in a few nibbles* you can buy a food pass to redeem during the party. Check out items such as sliders, chicken wings, a candy bar, a popcorn buffet and more. The full menu will be posted in February. We suggest grabbing your food passes at our studio to avoid the additional online ticket fees.

Buffet Pass: $50

Please be advised the deadline to purchase a food pass is February 21st. Due to the complications from serving food at the event last year, we are doing a buffet pass that will grant you access to a private, blocked off section of the event where you can enjoy the buffet as many times as you’d like from 9:00 – 11:00 PM. The buffet passes are per person and you will be required to present photo ID alongside your pass so take note you will not be able to share your pass. Gluten Free options will be available.

*Please note that these are appetizer items. We encourage our guests to make dinner plans prior to the event (We suggest Lure Restaurant in the hotel!) so that you can stay and dance all night long without a grumbly tummy!


We take themes very seriously! All attendees are required to dress in theme, which is an 80’s prom. It is important to note that guests who are not dressed in theme for this event will not be permitted into the event and will not be refunded. You read right, costumes are required. We encourage you to go all out for this one!

About the event and our studio:

Passion and Performance strives to make performing arts accessible to all those who wish to participate. As such you will see performers of all ages, genders and skill levels from brand new beginners to advanced performers. Our company is a safe space for performance so please be advised that you will be seeing amateur and professional entertainment.

Now, just because this show is fancy doesn’t mean it won’t have the P&P sex appeal. This show will feature mature content including partial nudity, coarse language, mature themes and lots of jiggles. This show is strictly 19+.

About the author : Rachel