Welcome to the valley of the Blessed, where power is shared equally, no one knows heartbreak, and death only comes on a witch’s one-hundredth birthday.

In this hidden valley far removed from corrupt Kingdoms, the Blessed Coven has lived peacefully for centuries, never needing more than what is provided and never wanting more than what is needed. Content in their quiet existence, the witches of the Blessed Coven are unaware of the world beyond their haven’s borders, having never ventured further than the safety of the surrounding mountains. For they have no need—new children arrive each spring on the doorstep of the home to which they are destined, living long lives happily among their new sisters.

But though the witches of the Blessed appear contented, their lives are cursed. They are under a spell that keeps them subdued. For, the Blessed do not know, but they’ve been banished to the valley because they possess power so great it threatens to undo the king and his rule. Thus they are cast out and forced into a life of powerlessness and oppression. But, when four girls bonded like nothing ever seen in the coven arrive in the valley the same year, they set in motion a wave of change that will transform the lives of the Blessed forever.

VICTORIA (Metro Studio Theatre) – Friday, September 20, 2019
7:00 PM & 9:00 PM
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NANAIMO (Vancouver Island University Theatre) – Saturday, September 21, 2019
7:00 PM – See this page for ticket sales:
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P&P Members – $20
General Admission $25
Seating reservations are available for members purchasing 4+ tickets at our studio office or by phone.

This is a 19+ show and is not suitable for children.


Passion and Performance is an adult dance studio dedicated to providing performance opportunities to all adults regardless of age, gender, size or ability. In this show you will see a variety of seasoned performers as well as intermediate performers on stage.

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