This year Passion and Performance is offering you the opportunity to purchase season tickets!

Now  you can buy all your tickets for the year at once, at a reduced rate!

Support your favourite dancers, subscribe this season, and never worry about missing out on a P&P show again!

Here is how it works:

  • Purchase your subscription – you can pay all at once or over three months.
  • You will be allocated your total tickets purchased to your account.
  • Before each show we will send you an email to see if you would like to use your reserved tickets. We will then put them aside for you at the door, or mail them to you before the show.
  • If you use up all your tickets it’s no problem! You will receive members price for all extra tickets as well as any additional P&P produced events.
  • You must use your tickets for a minimum of two shows (so you can’t use them for only one).
  • You have to use up all your tickets by the anniversary date you purchased them.
  • Additional payment plan policies and refund policies can be found on our policy page.

Package Options:

1 Ticket Subscription (total of 4 tickets) – $100


2 Ticket Subscription (total of 8 tickets) – $195

4 Ticket Subscription (total of 16 tickets) – $390

To set up an instalment plant or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


About the author : Rachel