Guess who is turning 5!? To celebrate P & P’s 5th Birthday we will be offering a different promotion for every Donation Days event!  Kicking off our birthday bash everyone who attends our September Donation Days event from the 8th to 11th will win a door prize. You can win a prize for each day you attend up to a maximum of 4 awesome prizes! Some of these prizes range up to $600 in value! Come help us start our birthday right and help out the Tour De Rock. See you there!

Donation Days is a great opportunity to try out all of our classes by providing a small donation at the door. This year we recommend a $2 donation per class.

We have NEW classes!

Swing by and check out our new Introduction to Jazz Technique Class on Wednesday. Or maybe sign up for Hotness 102  if you’ve been through our Hotness 101 program.

Do you have dance experience? Make sure you check out our Competitive Program Classes. We have Tap, Stretch, Strength and Technique and our very popular Performance Class.


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