Are you ready to take your dance journey to the next level? Our unique Production Class Program is a fun way to explore building a comprehensive dance show in a small cast setting.

This year we have 35 spots in the cast of our new dance production “The SugarCrash Festival”. Auditions are required for all those who wish to participate in the program.


OVERVIEW: OMG So f*cking hype. Do you have tickets to the SugarCrash Festival this year? I heard it’s the first time ever that Clementine and Julianna will be on stage since their band broke up in 2010. Do you think there will be drama? Ugh, I hope so.  Also, I’m totally loving this new chick, Scarlet. Kind of crazy that she’s headlining since she’s such a new artist. I wonder how that happened. But let’s be serious. We’re all going to see Candy Kay right? THE CANDY KAY! Ahhhhh! Get your glitter, motherf*ckers. This festival is going to be WILD.  – XOXOX your favorite festival slut #sugarcrash #candykay #letsgo

Join us at SugarCrash Festival with over-the-top performances for the audience and crazy drama backstage. Is it real? Is it staged? Fuck it, it’s fun.

DANCE STYLES: Jazz, contemporary, lyrical, chair dance, erotic dance, heels dance, hip hop

CHARACTERS: There are 5 principle roles, 8 supporting roles and 22 chorus roles (please see below for principle and supporting role descriptions)


The Production Class will run from June – September 2023.

FEES: This program is $250 a month as a payment plan or $1000 in full. Due to the rehearsal structure of this program it is no longer a part of our membership structure but a standalone course.  Please be advised that no discount will be applied if you combine the program with other classes, but you will be charged at the same time and can use the same methods. Costume fees for this program are $250 each and will require students to outfit themselves in additional basics such as hosiery. All performers will require jazz slippers. Registration information will be collected at the audition.

A rehearsal schedule will be released by April 25, 2023 Rehearsals will begin June 15th, 2023. Performances will be on one whirlwind weekend.  Dress rehearsal on Thursday, Victoria performance Friday and Vancouver performance Saturday.  Weekends held are either September 8-10th or 29th-1st.  We will confirm the performances ASAP (waiting on a few venue details). Students will be allowed to select how many dances they will be comfortable learning which will determine how they are cast and how much rehearsing will be required. Options will be 3 routines, 6 routines or 9 routines (please note this does not guarantee that you will get the requested amount). Rehearsals will take place Tuesday -Thursday evenings.


PLEASE NOTE: You will not be required for all rehearsals. We will release the rehearsal schedule prior to the audition so you can see how the schedule will work over the summer. Starting in September if we are performing later in the weekend rehearsals will be Tuesdays and Thursdays during the company slot at 8:15 PM.

TOUR: Principal and supporting cast are required to go to Vancouver. It is optional for chorus. All performers going to Vancouver will be required to pay $400 for tour costs. Students are welcome to fundraise or pay in installments. The cast party will take place in Vancouver on Saturday night.


All those who wish to audition for this program must have completed one year of technique (or have relevant experience that you will need permission from one of the choreographers for). General audition requirements include a pirouette, knowledge of how to do a pas de bourre and a jete jump upon request (ie: we don’t have to show you how to do it- you already know how).

Ultimately this program is looking for a strong performance. We are looking for performers who stand out and know how to work a crowd. Intermediate dancers are absolutely encouraged to audition for this program as well as advanced.


This year we have both principal and supporting roles: Please be advised that casting will be done for the students most suitable for the roles based on technique and performance.

Principal and Supporting Roles are open to all students who have participated in Passion and Performance’s Company, Promo Crew Jazz Technique 2 or 3, Lyrical/ Contemporary 2 or 3, Company Chair, Hip Hop 3, Cabaret Jazz 2 or 3, or Faculty

Please note that this is a rigorous program. Modifications to choreography will be limited.


SUNDAY, APRIL 30TH 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

CHORUS: Everyone must attend the chorus audition. This audition will take place from 10:00 am t0 11:30 AM and will be run like a dance class. We will do a warm up, three styles of choreography instructed in groups and that’s it! PLEASE PREREGISTER FOR YOUR AUDITION HERE: 

PRINCIPALS: Principal and Supporting cast will have to submit an audition video by April 25, 2023 at 11:55 PM. Call backs will be April 30th from 11:30-1:00 PM. Audition video details and submission form can be found HERE>>>

ROLES (IMPORTANT) Being in a routine does not mean they are dancing the whole time, they may be on stage or acting to carry the plot forward):

CLEMENTINE (Principal) Former bandmate of Julianna. Ethereal flower child with a wild temper back stage. (Feminine gender representation) Please do a two part audition video. One to this song as their performance persona: and one to this song showing their bad temper back stage:


JULIANNA: (Principal) Former bandmate of Clementine. A legendary performer who is struggling with becoming irrelevant. (Feminine gender representation) Please submit an audition video to this song:


SCARLET: (Principal) A young, up and coming starlet. (Feminine gender representation) Please submit an audition video to this song:


CANDY KAY: (Principal)  Always surrounded by people, the most famous of them all, yet incredibly lonely.  (Open to any gender representation) Please submit an audition video to this song:

THE INFLUENCER: : (Principal) This is a speaking role and is our shows narrator. Please submit your best social media influencer monologue.  (Open to any gender representation)


KAREN: (Supporting) Loving, caring. Scarlets mom…and manager. You could call her a momager. (Feminine gender representation) Please submit an audition video to this song:


HARPER: (Supporting) Scarlet and Julianna’s smarmy, hustling, busy agent. (Open to any gender representation) Please submit an audition video to this song:


JENNY KING: (Supporting) Clementines personal assistant who is always put upon and cleaning up her messes. (Feminine gender representation) Please submit an audition video to this song:


Each character is open to their own gender representation and style. They should be EXTRA. Please submit an audition video to either of these songs:   OR Do a different video for each character you are applying for.

The Choreographer
The Makeup Artist
The Social Media Manager


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or call our studio during office hours Monday- Thursday 11:00-8;00 PM.

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