How It Works: 

  • You will get a complimentary consultation with a choreographer to learn more about your vision, dance experience and what you hope to learn from your lessons.
  • Consulting on song choice (or options if you haven’t picked a song yet).
  • 6 hours of private dance lessons.
  • Learn the basics of building a great first dance to suit your wedding night!
  • No experience required.
  • We’ll teach you basics like leading + following, dips and twirls. We’ll also talk about music selection, working with your photographer and your venue.
  • This is a one on one private lesson with the couple and an instructor/choreographer.
  • We recommend signing up for lessons within three months of your wedding date.


  • $950 package plus tax

We want a fully choreographed routine, can you do this with this package?  In the Basic Wedding Dance Package, we give you all the tools you need to make your wedding dance on your own with our guidance and assistance.  We will also help you make sure the dance is well-rehearsed and ready for your big day.  If you would like one of our choreographers to fully make up the routine for you and instruct it to you, we recommend the Choreographed Wedding Dance Package.