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Membership Policies


  • Members can receive up to 50% off classes
  • There are many fun member’s only events offered throughout the season (and yes, they’re free!). Keep an eye on your e-mail and Facebook for details.
  • Every member will receive a personal follow up call to make sure we they are having the best experience possible at P&P.
  • Members will be able to purchase discounted show tickets and reserve seats for their friends and family (subject to venue capacity and layout). 
  • Members are offered discounted events and workshops.
  • Members can pre-register for classes throughout an entire year (September-August) to guarantee a spot in the class
  • Members are offered free workshops for the month of August (some exceptions apply).

Points of Contact

Victoria Members: memberships@passionandperformance.com

Cowichan Members: cvmembers@passionandperformance.com

Sooke Members: sookemembers@passionandperformance.com

Note: If a member is dancing at multiple branches, their point of contact is as follows:

Victoria + Cowichan or Sooke: memberships@passionandperformance.com

Cowichan + Sooke: cvmembers@passionandperformance.com

Membership Length

  • Memberships are valid for one year and encompasses all of the sessions within that year.  Memberships will be automatically renewed annually unless 30 days written notice is provided to terminate prior to renewal.
  • A session is the six week period for which the Recreational Program and Strength and Skills classes run. Competitive Program classes run September to June and also through July and August.

Terminations, Downgrades and Refunds

  • Please be advised that we require 30 days written notice (on a calendar month) to terminate, postpone or downgrade a membership. Notice must be given before the 1st of the month to terminate, postpone or downgrade a membership for the following month. Memberships can be upgraded at any time. Please note that class registrations (or lack thereof) are not an accepted form of notice for the termination or downgrading of memberships. Requests to downgrade or terminate a membership can be sent via e-mail to the appropriate branch contact (see above).
  • All terminations, downgrades or postponements with less than 30 days’ notice will be charged the monthly dues, with termination occurring for the following month. 
  • Membership dues previously paid are non-refundable.
  • There is a two month minimum when registering for a membership, two months will be charged in full regardless of termination date. 


  • Membership fees are charged on the 25th of every month which covers dues for the following month. This date is non-negotiable and fees will be charged automatically. 
  • Dues are set up on an autopay schedule and are accepted via Credit Card or EFT. To set up EFT payments we require a void cheque or completed forms from your bank. Payment information must be authorized and stored through our secure server for the membership to be considered active.
  • Your monthly fee will be the flat rate of your membership plus GST.  Please note that the membership payment structure is a financing program for class tuition, and not a pay per class structure. For this reason, membership payments will not be pro-rated for any reason.
  • Passion and Performance does not run classes on statutory holidays. Make-up classes for statutory holidays are occasionally provided at the discretion of the teacher, however are not guaranteed.
  • A registration fee of $15 will be charged annually in the month of September.
  • In person cash, credit card or debit payment for membership fees will not be accepted with the exception of the initial membership payment and registration fee.
  • Declined card/ bounced payment will result in an additional 30% of your monthly fee charge per transaction.
  • All balances owing will be sent to collections if not reconciled within 3 months
  • If a member’s autopay method is declined for 2 consecutive months, the member will be given 30 days to provide a new method of automatic payment (credit card or EFT). If updated payment information is not provided and account charges are declined thereafter, the member’s account will be suspended and the member will not be permitted to attend classes until a valid payment method is provided. Please note that associated class drop fees may be applicable.
  • If there is a temporary interruption in the stored autopay method outside of the member’s control (ex. lost or stolen credit card), membership fees may be reconciled in person by credit card, debit or cash or via electronic funds transfer sent to the appropriate membership contact (see above) within 3 business days AFTER the 25th of the month. Pre-paid fees will not be accepted, unless given express permission from the memberships team.

Class Registrations and Cancellations

  • Members receive priority registration on classes, meaning that pre-registration is accepted for all sessions within a season. Early registration is recommended to ensure a spot in the class. Please note that members will not receive refunds or credits for classes which become full, and all membership policies apply (see Terminations, Downgrades and Refunds). Registration requests can be made at the front desk during office hours, or sent to memberships@passionandperformance.com
  • If a class is dropped after the deadline, there will be a penalty of 20% the standard monthly fee of the class. The penalties are as follows:

Competitive Program Classes: $15/class

Recreational Program Classes: $13/class

Strength and Skills Program Classes: $11/class

  • If a class is dropped after the second class of the session, a re-choreographing fee of $50 may be applicable.
  • If a class session is cancelled by the studio, the member is encouraged to use their credit for another class of equivalent value. Should an appropriate class replacement not be available, Passion and Performance will issue an account credit in the amount paid for that class and waive the 30 day notice requirement to downgrade, hold or terminate the membership contract which covers that class, if requested.
  • Passion and Performance reserves the right to cancel classes at any time. Students will not be refunded for classes cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Make-up classes may be provided at teacher discretion, however are not guaranteed .
  • Passion and Performance is closed and does not run classes on statutory holidays. Make-up classes for statutory holidays are occasionally provided at the discretion of the teacher, however are not guaranteed.


  • A membership can be put on hold for a one month or two month period and holds can extend up to a maximum of six months total during the one year term of the membership.
  • If a membership is terminated while on hold, the member is subject to a $50 fee.
  • We require 30 days written notice (on a calendar month) to put a membership on hold. Notice must be given before the 1st of the month to put a membership on hold for the following month. Holds requested with less than 30 days’ notice will be charged the monthly dues, with the hold beginning the following month. Please note that class registrations (or lack thereof) are not an accepted form of notice. Requests to put a membership on hold can be sent to the appropriate branch contact (see above).
  • A hold will occur in one or two month increments at which time the member will receive an e-mail notifying them of their upcoming hold expiry. The member has 10 days to respond requesting an extension (in 1-2 month increments up to 6 months). If no response is received it is assumed that the dancer is returning to class and the membership will be reactivated, resuming charges on the 25th of that month.
  • A membership that is on hold extends the client’s membership as many months as they have been on hiatus.
  • A maternity hold is available for up to one year.
  • In the event of injury or illness, a medical hold may be requested. Medical holds can be extended up to one year, under the condition that a doctors note stating that the student is unable to continue with classes is provided prior to the standard 6 month hold expiration. A doctors note stating that the student may return to classes may be required prior to membership reactivation.
  • Please note that membership holds can not commence in the months of December or August.

Roulette Membership Add On

Every once in a while, we have a surprise space open up in our schedule,

and we want to use these unique opportunities to bring our members something new!

Each session, if a space becomes available in our timetable, we will offer a special “Roulette Class”. The style of the class will be revealed the week following Donation Days, and the class itself will begin the following week. The date, time and style of the class will change each session, and may be taught by one of our beloved P&P instructors or another dance professional in our community. It may be a dance class, it may be a fitness class or it may even be a style never before seen at the studio.

You never know what a Roulette class will bring!

Roulette Class Contracts can be added to any existing membership at a cost of $10/month, plus tax. Please note:

  • This is a membership add-on and cannot be used as a standalone membership contract.
  • Roulette Class Sessions commence on a rotational 5 week structure and will likely change time, style, instructor, level and class structure each session.
  • The $10/month fee is a discounted financing option, and members will not be refunded for instances in which Roulette Classes do not run or in which one chooses not to participate for any reason. Passion and Performance will work to provide compensatory options for cases in which Roulette Classes do not run for multiple consecutive sessions.
  • Roulette Class Contracts are subject to all terms, conditions and policies of the Passion and Performance Membership Program. If a members wishes to terminate or hold their Roulette Membership, 30 days written notice (on a calendar month) is required, making the termination or hold effective the following month. All fees paid are non-refundable.

If you have any questions about your membership or our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact your membership coordinator at memberships@passionandperformance.com.

To download a pdf version of membership policies, please see P&P Membership Policies.

Facility Policies

Class Etiquette:

  • Chair dancers must wear tights or pants to class.
  • Tie up and Tease dancers must remove all jewelry.
  • No outdoor shoes are permitted in the studio as dancewear.
  • No gum in class.
  • No eating on the couch.
  • No perfume or hairsprays that may bother others, though deodorant is encouraged for all those taking part in physical activities.
  • Classes are not to be interrupted. If waiting for a class, dancers must remain in the lobby until the door is opened for them.
  • Watching classes is not permitted.
  • Cell phones are to be set to silent while in class.

Studio and Class Policies:

  • All Passion and Performance classes are 18+.
  • Children are NOT permitted on the site of Passion and Performance, unless they are present for our post-natal classes during the day. Our studio aims to maintain an adult only atmosphere due to the nature of sexual classes.
  • The waiver is the document that protects Passion and Performance from liability. After you sign the waiver, Passion and Performance will not be responsible for any injuries that you may incur while obtaining services at the studio.
  • Due to the sexual nature of our classes and performances, as well as venue restrictions, all Passion and Performance shows are 19+.
  • Instructor reserves right to dismiss dancers without refund for disruptive behavior in class.
  • If a dancer commits to a performance but does not uphold attendance policies, Passion and Performance staff reserves the right to remove the student from the performance without refund.
  • Performances are optional, but dancers must decide by the second class.
  • Once committed, dancers cannot back out of performing and are responsible for their costume fees.
  • Extra practices are optional, but strongly encouraged
  • Music is not censored and profanity is often present in class.
  • If a class is cancelled for any reason other than studio closure, a make-up class may be arranged, but the class will follow the same six-week pattern as all others.
  • Choreography is the intellectual property of the choreographer and cannot be taken anywhere else without permission of the choreographer and with credit given to them.

Store Policies:

Exchange/Refund & Front of House Policies –

  • Exchange or studio credit only, no cash refunds.
  • Exchanges can be made within one week, with receipt, on unused purchases, for merchandising credit only. If items are worn, dirty, torn or otherwise unsellable they will not be accepted.
  • Merchandising credit cannot be used towards costumes fees.
  • No returns on costumes. Costumes are final sale.
  • At no point can a gift card be used towards monthly membership payments.
  • Clothes can only be tried on in change rooms or miscellaneous rooms. No unpaid merchandise in bathrooms.
  • All items will be counted by office staff before entering the change rooms and a maximum of 5 items per change room. No bags in the change room.

Consignment Store Policies

  • All consignment sales will be final.
  • 50/50 starting split for commission.
  • Sellers will drop off items for 1 week to allow staff enough time to review it and decide whether it is re-sellable.
  • Sellers will sign a release form.
  • If items are not picked up within 14 days, they will be donated.
  • To encourage competitive pricing, seller’s percentage of profit depreciates the longer their item stays in the store. After 1 month seller get 40% of the sale, after 2 months drops they get 30%, after 3 months they get 20%.
  • Payment for sellers will be available within 14 days of sale. Sellers will be contacted either by phone or email and will be given 30 days to collect their cash or studio credit. After 30 days, if payment is not claimed, the seller forfeits their profits. Sellers will be required to produce government-issued ID and sign off on having accepted payment. (note: studio credit cannot be used on memberships)
  • Clothing will only be kept in store for a maximum of 6 months. After 6 months, the seller will have the option to either leave the item with Passion & Performance and get no percentage of the sale or pick up their item.
  • Children’s costumes will be accepted.
  • Costumes will not be accepted from the two most recent shows that Passion and Performance has put on.
  • Items must be in decent condition or they will not be accepted.

Shoe Rental Policies

  • Staff will hold ID as collateral and credit card information as a deposit.
  • Borrowers will be issued a receipt after return of shoes.
  • Shoes rented for a show will be signed out at tech rehearsal and will be signed in at the end of the show.
  • Shoes for shows must be pre-booked and will be brought to the show.
  • Late returns will be charged a $5 fee per day late up to the retail cost of the shoes.
  • Shoe rentals for classes are rented on a per day basis and can be worn for all classes in the day.
  • Shoes must stay on the premises when rented for evening classes and must be returned following the students last class.
  • If a student is seen abusing the shoes they will be asked to return the shoes immediately without a refund.
  • If shoes are damaged due to mal treatment the borrower will be responsible for replacing the shoes.
  • If shoes are damaged due to normal usage over time the studio is responsible for replacing them.
  • Shoes will be checked, monitored and tracked for damage. If the timeline terms are broken by the borrower and shoes are damaged beyond use (ex. Broken heel, water damage, broken strap) the borrower will be responsible for the full cost of the shoe.
  • Shoe rentals are approximately around 10$ and will cover the entire students classes throughout the day.
  • Socks or stockings MUST be worn with rental shoes.


Costume Policies

General Costume Policies

  • No signature costume pieces can be worn in two numbers within the same show, with the exception of basic pieces. (ie. Wigs & sparkly shorts are not OK, black shorts & white tanks are OK.)
  • Dancers are responsible for their own costumes and any damage caused to costumes before the show.
  • Late costume fees – If dancers do not meet the costume order deadlines, dancers are responsible for either a weekly late fee (10% of total order up to a maximum of 30%) or express shipping costs.
  • Cabaret Jazz – If shoes are not purchased within 30 days of registration, students will be required to rent shoes for all classes.
  • Shoes are not included in the costume fee. In addition to the costume fee, students may be asked to provide their own: tights, pantyhose, jewellery, bras, underwear, bodysuits and other accessories.
  • Costumes will be ordered 1 – 2 weeks after fees are due, in most cases, or even sooner. Once your costume is ordered the fee is non-refundable.
  • Students who have not paid by the time the costume needs to be ordered will not receive a costume and will not perform.
  • Our deadlines are in place because plenty of time is required for planning, shipping and shopping. We cannot delay the ordering of costumes because a student is unsure if they are available for a performance.
  • Costume ideas will be presented in class or Facebook group before purchasing.
  • Students are welcome to make suggestions to staff regarding costume ideas, with the understanding that they may not be taken on.
  • Any students who have issues with what they are requested to wear are required to e-mail the Costume Coordinator within 10 days should they wish to request an adjustment or alternative. Please note that in some cases we may not be able to meet your requests. After the 10 day deadline, costume requests cannot be accommodated.
  • Staff will communicate with each other to brainstorm on how to adapt or change costume to try to make sure all students are comfortable.


Student Policies

  • All questions and concerns are to be directed to the costume coordinator.
    • If students drop out of their class after costumes have been ordered they will not be issued a refund.
    • Costume Fees payment information must be provided upon registration for Performance Class and Cabaret Jazz (credit card or post-dated cheque). However, your fee will not be processed until the fee payment deadline (see below).
    • Since performance is not mandatory in Technique, dancers may delay providing payment info until the fee payment deadline.
    • Costume construction requiring anything more than extremely basic sewing will be contracted out to a seamstress. Dancers may have to be available for fitting times with a seamstress outside of class time.
  • If students choose the wrong size for themselves, they are responsible for the financial cost of alterations, exchanges, and any additional shipping costs. If it is determined to be the fault of Studio staff, the Studio will absorb these costs.
  • Students wanting to make a complaint or criticism in regards to costume issues should speak to the Competitive Program Coordinator which will be forwarded to Studio Owner as appropriate.

Recreational Program & Strength and Skills

  • Hotness 101 must be taken before Hotness 102 unless the dancer has previous dance experience.
  • Chair 1 must be taken twice before moving up (Chair Intensives count as one session), unless given permission by Rachel. Advancement into Chair 3 is by invitation only.
  • Hoop Skills 1 must be taken before Hoop Skills 2, unless students have previous hoop experience and are given permission from their teacher.
  • Pop Culture 2 is by permission of the instructor based on previous dance experience.
  • Sessions are non-refundable after the second class.
  • For classes in the Recreational Program, there will be a $25 rechoreographing penalty for students who withdraw after the second class.


Competitive Program Policies:


Please wear proper dance clothes and footwear to all practices.  All students are responsible for purchasing the required shoes for the dances selected by the teacher.  Character shoes may be required.


Attendance Policy:

  • Students must provide notice for when they are not attending class. This notice is required in the event that class plans need to be adjusted. We do not need to know why you are not attending class – simply that you will not be there. Attendance notices must be provided to both your class dance captain and instructor.
  • In the event that students do not provide notice for missing class two times Passion and Performance reserves the right to expel the student from the class without refund.
  • Withdrawal from the Competitive Program after the second week without a doctor’s note will result in a $50 penalty fee.
  • All students are required to attend Cleaning Practices (see Extra Practices).
  • All students are required to attend the Spring Showcase dress rehearsal and performance.
  • If you are injured, please still attend class as you are able. If you are ill and may be contagious, please stay home.


This class requires commitment to next June. In the event that you drop out of class you will be charged a $50 fee and may be required to pay the full year’s fee depending on the circumstances. Your costume fee is also non-refundable after January. Failure to pay fees due will result in taking the balance due to a collection agency.

Code of Conduct:

  • Please ensure all cell phones are turned to silent during class time. Texting or talking on the phone during class is strictly prohibited – unless it is an emergency.  If you must answer your phone, please keep it on your person on vibrate and leave the room to speak.
  • Please arrive for class dressed and ready to go 5 minutes before class begins.
  • Arriving late for class is unacceptable. Lateness will result in student “detention” to be determined by your captains.
  • Please do not eat, drink or leave items on the pink sofa. Like, ever.
  • We do not allow students or prospective students to observe classes they are not registered in.
  • When attending Promo events on behalf of Passion and Performance, it is vital that you behave responsibly. Any belligerent or disorderly behaviour may result in expulsion from the Competitive Program or a ban from Passion and Performance without refund.

Extra Practices:

  • Cleaning extra practices will be scheduled by the dance captains. This cleaning practice is mandatory. In the event you cannot attend, you need to notify your dance captain with as much notice as possible. Please come to extra practices prepared and with questions. These practices are not meant for re-teaching you choreography that you may have missed or have just learned. You should put in some practice time on your own before coming to the Extra Practices.
  • In addition to cleaning practices, dance captains will schedule extra help or “make-up” practices for those needing help with choreography. These are not mandatory but strongly encouraged.
  • Your instructor reserves the right to insist that you schedule an extra practice with your dance captain.

Extra Performances:

  • Occasionally students will be invited to create and perform numbers for various shows throughout the year. Music must be submitted ahead of time to Rachel and the routine must have at least one coaching session done by Rachel (see due dates).
  • Music editing by Rachel will cost $20.
  • Extra performances will be encouraged for the March show.
  • If you would like to enter a dance but have it choreographed by another instructor please contact Mylene Scott at private_bookings@passionandperformance.com about private lessons.

Practice Videos:

  • Practice Videos will only be taken when we have learned new choreography, and every dancer is present (exceptions: family emergency involving death or extreme illness, and vacations booked with at least 1 month notice).
  • Choreography is considered the intellectual property of your Instructor. Therefore, only P&P staff are permitted to take the practice videos on their phones or cameras (unless the Instructor gives permission otherwise). These videos will be added to the Facebook Group by staff.
  • It is your responsibility to attend class to learn the choreography – missing class because you can “teach yourself with the video” is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Abuse of the practice videos will result in suspension of the videos being made.
  • If you are struggling with learning or choreography or missed a class and would like to catch up, you are to contact your dance captain- that is what they’re there for!
  • Staff taking and posting a practice video is permitted during Extra Practices.

Scent Policy

Please refrain from using perfume or other scented products when attending class and P&P events. That being said, please have good hygiene and use deodorant or antiperspirant as appropriate.


Private Bookings & Weddings

Private Bookings Policies:

  • Tardiness of the client will result in the lost time with no refund to the client.
  • Deposits are refundable up to 48 hours prior to the lesson. Deposits will be non-refundable if the studio is given less than 48 hours notice.
  • Deposits must be made to secure the date and times requested.
  • All private bookings will require a 25% deposit to secure the date, time and instructor. If the number of attendees is not confirmed by the due date of the deposit, the deposit amount will be based on the minimum expected number of attendees.
  • Full payment is due at the beginning of the class. If full payment is not made, the class will not run.
  • Attendees will be encouraged to pay for the class in full via EFT transfer prior to the class, but cheque, cash or credit/debit is accepted.
  • Bounced payments will result in an additional fee of 40$ to cover bank and administrative fees.
  • If the studio is available, clients may additionally book the room after their lesson at the rate of 35$ per hour.
  • Payments will be handled and organized by the private bookings coordinator.

Wedding Dance Lesson/Workshop Policies:


  • Clients that are using the Groupon must either bring a copy of the Groupon with them at the time of the lesson or email a copy to the private bookings coordinator.
  • The Groupon individually has no cash value but the value of the coupon can be applied towards a credit for a one-on-one lesson with an instructor.
  • “Build a First Dance” Wedding Workshops are a group lesson and have a registration minimum for the classes to run.  Should the class minimum not be met, clients will have to option to register in the next month, have a one hour private lesson or receive a refund.
  • Clients who have purchased the “Build your First Dance Package” will have access to the studio for additional practice time at no cost. The private bookings coordinator will be responsible for handling the administration and exchange of keys. Clients using the studio will be responsible for returning it in the same condition in which it was found.
  • Full payment is due at the beginning of the lessons. If full payment is not made, the class will not run.
  • Attendees will be encouraged to pay for the class in full via EFT transfer prior to the class, but cheque, cash or credit/debit is accepted.
  • Bounced payments will result in an additional fee of 40$ to cover bank and administrative fees.
  • Tardiness of the client will result in the lost time with no refund to the client.