COVID 19 Policy changes

In light of the current challenges and need for social distancing we have made a few key changes to our policies. These new policies are currently in effect and will override any of our usual policies. Please be advised that when the studio re-opens, those original policies will resume. You can refer to them here.


Please read through our updated policies for details on changes to our Memberships, Class Structure, refunds and more!

During these times, things can change from one day to the next, we understand if you need to change your membership, or have a sudden change in income. Members are able to cancel their membership at any time, but please do so at least 5 days before your payment is due to come out. If you cancel within those 5 days, your payment may still come out as they are processed automatically. Our standard policies will come back into effect when we return to normalcy. 

Refund Policies, Class Cancelations

  • Membership fees already paid are non-refundable (see memberships section for more details).
  • Drop in Class fees are refundable through MINDBODY until an hour prior to the start of the class. If the class has started and you did not cancel in advance, the class fees are non-refundable regardless of whether or not you viewed the live class. As we cannot monitor who is watching the live classes, we can only offer refunds before the live class has taken place, we apologize for any inconvenience. 
  • Drop in fees do not include a link to the Library. They only provide access to the live class while it is happening. If the proposed class times do not work for you, we recommend a membership so you can view all our classes any time you want!
  • Passion and Performance reserves the right to cancel classes at any time should one of our instructors be unable to run their online class. We will attempt to run a make up class should this occur, but make up classes are not guaranteed. Anyone that has purchased a drop in for a canceled class will be refunded or can move their drop in fee to a new class. 

Low Income Options

  • We have Membership options for all needs. If you have been hit hard by COVID-19 and need a concession for your membership fees, please fill out the Pay What You Can from here.
  • Pay What You Can Memberships will be honoured on a month by month basis until such a time as the COVID-19 limitations begin to be lifted or clients are able to make the full membership payment. 
  • If a Member is offering a trade for their membership, that membership will be honoured only while services are being provided. If the client cannot provide or stops providing their service P&P reserves the right to terminate their Membership at any time. 

Membership Policies

  • First, we want to say a Huge Thank You to our current members! Your support has been critical during this time and we couldn’t ask for a better P&P family! For new and returning members, please read the below policies, a lot has changed!
  •  Members are able to cancel their membership at any time, but please do so at least 5 days before your payment is due to come out. If you cancel within those 5 days, your payment may still come out as they are processed automatically. Our standard 30 day notice policy will come back in to effect when we return to normalcy.
  • Membership dues previously paid are non-refundable. Please email us your circumstances to be considered for refund during this time, only clients who have seen a significant change in income will be considered for membership refunds.
  • Please register for your classes through our MINDBODY app. There is no priority registration and classes can hold 100 people so we are very hopeful everyone can take as many classes as they want!   
  • Every member will receive a personal follow up call to make sure we they are having the best experience possible at P&P.
  • Memberships run on a monthly basis. You are not locked in to a contract, however, as per the item above, we require 5 days’ notice to cancel your automatic payment. Our standard one year membership and 30 day termination will come back into effect when we return to normalcy. 
  • In person Members Events are postponed until further notice. While we miss all your smiling faces, we will not hold any events until it is safe to do so. Please keep an eye out for online get togethers! We cannot guarantee any events during this time, but we are working toward some online ideas!
  • Membership dues previously paid are non-refundable. If no written contact is made to terminate a membership fees will be charged and they are non-refundable. Memberships will continue regardless of participation or registration unless written notice is given to terminate. 
  • Dues are set up on an autopay schedule and are accepted via Credit Card or EFT. To set up EFT payments we require a void cheque or completed forms from your bank. Payment information must be authorized and stored through our secure server for the membership to be considered active.
  • Your monthly fee will be the flat rate of your membership plus GST.  Please note that the membership payment structure is monthly from the date of your registration for class tuition, and not a pay per class structure. For this reason, membership payments will not be pro-rated for any reason.
  • In person cash, credit card or debit payment for membership fees will not be accepted.
  • Declined card/ bounced payment will result in an additional 30% of your monthly fee charge per transaction.
  • All balances owing will be sent to collections if not reconciled within 3 months
  • If a member’s autopay method is declined for 2 consecutive months, the member will be given 30 days to provide a new method of automatic payment (credit card or EFT). If updated payment information is not provided and account charges are declined thereafter, the member’s account will be suspended and the member will not be permitted to attend classes until a valid payment method is provided. 
  • If there is a temporary interruption in the stored autopay method outside of the member’s control (ex. lost or stolen credit card), membership fees may be reconciled by credit card, debit on MINDBODY or via electronic funds transfer sent to the appropriate membership contact (see below) within 3 business days AFTER your payment date. Pre-paid fees will not be accepted, unless given express permission from the memberships team.

Class Registrations and Cancellations

  • Passion and Performance reserves the right to cancel classes at any time. Members will not be refunded for individual classes cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Make-up classes may be provided at teacher discretion, however are not guaranteed. 
  • We are no longer offering holds for memberships, since you can dance from anywhere! If affording your membership is becoming a challenge and you would like to change to a Pay What You Can membership, please fill out the application here.


New Membership Pricing:

      • Basic Plan $99 – Includes access to unlimited live dance, fitness and wellness classes. (18+)
    • Pro Plan $129 – Includes access to unlimited live and recorded dance, fitness and wellness classes as well as the full tutorial library. (18+)
    • Family Plan $129 – Includes access to unlimited live dance, fitness and wellness classes as well as live and recorded classes for children and teens. This tier does not have access to the pro plan library. 
    • Pro Family Plan $149 – All services are available. 
  • For existing members with a membership over $149 we are asking for you to consider keeping your current rate, if it is still within your means. In exchange you will receive:
    • The difference will be put toward a costumes savings account 
    • The additional funds will help another dancer in need access their classes. 
  • For members of less than $99, your pre-COVID membership fee will be grandfathered in as a Pro Family Membership! But if it is within your means, we would sincerely appreciate any member who chooses to pay the regular rate! 
  • You’re support means everything to us! Now more than ever!


For any questions or concerns regarding our memberships or for help with your membership please contact:


Online Class and Studio Policies


  • While our offerings have changed to deal with the current climate, you can expect our six week sessions and full year programs to return in the future. Our shift to online classes will consist primarily of workshop style classes and four- week progressive learning sessions for ongoing choreography.
  • Our current class schedule reflects the need of our students at this time. We have added family friendly classes for families to experience together while we all spend more time at home with our loved ones. We do not guarantee any class will continue as offered when we return to the studio, and our studio will return to our original vision of adult only (19+) dancers when we return to normalcy.
  • Be kind to yourself, and one another. Our students’ safety and the safety of our instructors is our top priority. 
  • If you would like to turn your video off, please do so.
  • Our instructors reserve the right to remove people from video classes without refund if there is a potential security issue for themselves or other students.
  • Please only do moves that you can comfortably accomplish in your space. Dancers at home dance at their own risk, but please let your teacher know if you need modifications for any injuries or space constraints. Our teachers will provide a warm up and cool down, but please make adjustments as needed for yourself and your space.
  • Chair dancers should wear tights or pants to class and only dance with sturdy dance chairs. To rent a chair from P&P please see our rental page here.
  • Please keep your video on mute during class, unless it is time for questions.
  • We encourage you to share your dance passion with others in your household, but please be advised not all our classes are kid friendly! Most Passion and Performance classes are 18+, music can contain coarse language and we do not censor our videos. If you have young people who might be sensitive, please watch our videos without them present. 
  • The waiver is the document that protects Passion and Performance from liability. After you sign the waiver, Passion and Performance will not be responsible for any injuries that you may incur while obtaining services at the studio or at home. This waiver is part of your registration through MINDBODY. 
  • Choreography is the intellectual property of the choreographer and cannot be taken anywhere else without permission of the choreographer and without credit given to them.


Paid Classes Versus Dance From Home classes

  • During this time, we are still committed to bringing you free at home dance classes! Our dance from home Facebook page will remain live and live classes will still be offered. The previous classes are also available to watch again. The schedule is limited and no classes are guaranteed on the Dance from Home page. 
  • Our Paid Memberships offer a consistent scheduled set of classes that will be released monthly. These classes are typically a one time workshop style class, but there will also be “progressive” classes where you can sign up for four weeks of the same class where you will learn continuous choreography.
  • Our Paid Memberships offer more styles and genres of dance as well as tutorials. 
  • Only “Pro” members will have access to the Library. Through which they can access past live classes or pre-recorded classes. Basic Memberships do not have access to the library and can only attend live classes. 
  • Clients who purchase drop in classes will not have access to the Library. 

Store Policies:

Our Online store is still available during COVID-19. 

Exchange/Refund & Front of House Policies –

  • Exchange or studio credit only, no cash refunds.
  • Exchanges can be made within two weeks, with receipt, on unused purchases, for merchandising credit only. If items are worn, dirty, torn or otherwise unsellable they will not be accepted. To return a shipped item, please send the item back to our studio address and reach out to when the item is sent so we know to pick it up. Please describe the reason for your return. If returned items are worn and damaged by the purchases, no refund will be given and clients shipping costs will not be refunded. 
  • No returns on costumes. Costumes are final sale.
  • At no point can a gift card be used towards monthly membership payments.
  • Consignment sales are no longer being offered by Passion and Performance.  
  • Rental items must be kept in good condition and returned to Passion and Performance at the end of each rental by the client. If rental items are damaged, the client will be charged the full value of that item, which will be communicated to the client in the initial rental agreement.
  • Deposits are required for all rental items. 

Costume Policies

  • If you have purchased a costume and it has been delivered to the studio, we will deliver that item to you. We hope to use them in a future show. 
  • If you have purchased a costume and it has not been ordered, we will refund your costume fee in to a costume savings account to out towards a new costume when we reopen. 
  • All other costume fees and requirements are suspended until further notice.

Private Bookings & Weddings

  • Tardiness of the client will result in the lost time with no refund to the client.
  • Deposits are refundable up to 48 hours prior to the lesson. Deposits will be non-refundable if the studio is given less than 48 hours notice.
  • Deposits must be made to secure the date and times requested.
  • For flat rate Children’s Parties, the full value is due to book the party. The full value Is refundable up to 48 hours prior to the party. 50% of the value will be refunded if canceled within 48 hours of the event. 
  • Deposits will not be returned if the clients or any members of the party have technical difficulties and cannot join the private lesson. If all parties decide not to proceed with the booking due to technical issues, the remaining value of the class, less the deposit can be refunded. 
  • All private bookings will require a 25% deposit to secure the date, time and instructor. If the number of attendees is not confirmed by the due date of the deposit, the deposit amount will be based on the minimum expected number of attendees.
  • Full payment must be made via EFT or credit card at least 24 hours prior to the booking.
  • Bounced payments will result in an additional fee of $40 to cover bank and administrative fees.
  • Payments will be handled and organized by the private bookings coordinator at, if packages are not purchases directly from MINDBODY.
  • Private bookings are separate from classes or Memberships and as such they will not have access to the Library of class videos unless they have an active Membership.