Ready to try something new? Come out to Donation Days and drop in to our classes!

Whether you’re an avid P&P member or totally new to our studio, we’ve got something for you! Try out our great recreational classes like Hotness 101 or Chair Dancing to get in to swing of things. If you’ve got a dance background and you’re looking for a challenge, try our advanced classes like Technique or Cabaret Jazz*!!                            *Five years dance experience required.

Donation Days is a great opportunity to try out all of our classes by providing a small donation at the door. This year we recommend a $2 donation per class or non perishable food items with proceeds going to the James Bay Community Project.

The schedule is posted above. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you there!

Following Dancer Fitness on Saturday, November 7th, we will be holding Registration Day at the Studio! If you can’t make it to Donation Days, you can still sign up! Come on down and visit the staff! We’re happy to chat to you about classes and options. We will find out what suits you best!


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