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Membership Family

Being a Member

Getting a Passion and Performance membership is becoming a part of our family.
So what’s it like being a part of the P&P family?
Well it’s like being a part of any family really, a little crazy, lots of different characters and personalities, and full of people who support each other no matter what.

The Passion and Performance family is all about making people feel welcome and included. Our studio prides itself on being able to make everyone feel like they belong here, because they do. We have memberships that will fit into any budget and we offer classes for all levels of dancers. We love helping people realize their love of dance no matter what their age. Anyone can learn to dance and we encourage all our new dancers to feel the thrill of performing! Many of our memberships include our Competitive Program classes as well. If you have always been a dancer and want to get back into a competitive level performances than we have the options for you as well!

A Passion and Performance memberships entitles you to all sorts of great perks! We offer:

  • Discounted Classes
  • Discounted tickets to shows and events (and advanced seating for your fans!)
  • Members only events
  • Discounted workshops
  • Free workshops all August

Membership Options

Passion and Performance has a NEW Membership Structure

Starting June 1, 2016 we have revamped our membership structure! Simple, straightforward, and member friendly!

Here is how it works:

Passion and Performance now has three types of class programming:

  • The Strength and Skills Program: The classes in this program do not perform. They are focused on helping build your mind and body. The classes are 6 week sessions.
  • The Recreational Program: The classes in this program do perform. In 6 weeks you will learn a routine that will go into one of our shows.  While only 6 weeks – students will usually receive a total of 8-10 hours of dance time with show practices.
  • The Competitive Program: The classes in this program do perform and are longer. These classes are an hour and fifteen minutes long. They run from September – June, and then have a summer intensive.  In the Competitive Program that are also additional rehearsals nearing show time. Additional costume fees apply to these classes.

The memberships are a monthly fee that you pay, rather than paying for your tuition all up front.  For your membership you simply pick the classes you want, combine the fees and then apply the discount! Each program has a different rate based on the type of programming it is.

  • The Strength and Skills Program classes: $55/month
  • The Recreational Program classes: $65/month
  • The Competitive Program classes:$75/ month

The discount:

  • Combine 2 classes save 20%
  • Combine 3 classes save 30%
  • Combine 4 classes save 40%
  • Combine 5 classes save 50%
  • Combine 6 or more classes and receive 50% off your entire tuition for the first 5 classes and then simply pay an additional $10 for every added class..

Please be advised that we require 30 days to terminate or postpone a membership.  All terminations or postponements with less than 30 days notice will be charged the monthly dues, with termination occurring for the following month. Check out our policies for more details.

To become a member please let us know on your registration form or email us at  

Easy Payment Options

Easy payment plans for memberships are available for as little as $52.50 a month. As a member you get huge perks such as cheaper classes, no waitlists, and freebies!

Membership Policy Information


  • Meet and Greet option, a dancer will meet you at your first class and help you feel comfortable at  Passion and Performance.
  • There will be several mixers for P&P dancers every year where we get together outside of the studio and do something different!
  • Every member will receive a personal follow up call to make sure we they are having the best experience possible at P&P.
  • There will be discounts offered at other businesses with which we are affiliated. A list of these businesses will be available after registration.
  • Members will be able to reserve seats for their friends and family at all our shows.

Membership Length 

  • If you purchase a Membership, it will be valid for a dance year (September-July) and encompass all the sessions within that year.
  •  A session is the six week period for which the majority of our classes run.

Terminations and Refunds

  • Please be advised that we require 30 days to terminate, postpone or change a membership.
  • All terminations or postponements with less than 30 days’ notice will be charged the monthly dues, with termination occurring for the following month.
  •  Membership dues previously paid are non-refundable.
  •  There is a two month minimum when registering for a membership, two months will be charged in full regardless of termination date.


  • Membership dues are paid per month, on the 25th of the month.
  • Dues can be paid VIA credit card or direct deposit only.
  • Your monthly fee will be the flat rate of your membership plus GST.
  • Cash Payment will not be accepted.
  • Declined card/ bounced payment will result in an additional 30% of your monthly fee charge per  transaction.

Becoming a Member

  • Sign up for a class or massage membership at our studio reception or by emailing