As a fun event for community building within the studio, we will host a Lip Sync Tournament. It will feature guest judges, categories and prizes!  Students who win the tournament will receive a package of free classes, studio merchandise, show tickets, and other gifts from companies we work with like gift cards!  The wining acts will also be invited to perform in our shows. 

We encourage all students to register in this fun, casual event hosted in our studio.  Here is what you need to know:

There are three categories you can pick from:

  • Individual: This category is open to P&P students only and will feature one person. This category costs $5 to enter.
  • Duet: This category is open to P&P students and their partners. This can feature two students from the studio, a student and a guest, or a student and their spouse. This category costs $10 to enter total.
  • Group: This category is open to groups of 3 or more people. The ratio of students must be 2:1. This category costs $15 to enter total.

All students will need to register online using our online form by October 17, 2015.


Make sure you check the rules before you register:

  • An active student is a person who has danced at Passion and Performance within the year.
  • All participants and audience must be over the age of 19.
  • All students must enter the contest before the deadline. Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Registration will be done online.
  • A student cannot be in more than one category.
  • All contestants must be available for the finals.
  • A student’s account must be in good standing in time for the contest or finals.
  • A student cannot replicate choreography from P&P.
  • All routines must be original.
  • Music must not have messages of aggression, violence, or hate. Lyrics of a sexual nature are fine provided they are not violent.
  • Registration fees must be paid in full for the contest by registration deadline.
  • Contestants will be judged in 5 categories:
    • Lyric Knowledge
    • Choreography
    • Commitment to character or storyline
    • Energy & Performance Quality
    • Originality
About the author : Rachel