Who’s ready to dance??
Donation Days is a great opportunity to try out some of our classes by providing a small donation at the door. This year we recommend a $2 donation per class or non perishable food items, baby food, or toiletries/ feminine hygiene products with proceeds going to Bridges for Women.
Our summer session classes are open level. Our teachers work to ensure that all of our summer classes are suitable for a variety of different skill levels and abilities from beginner to advanced.
*Summer Crew Chair requires previous chair experience.
*Both Summer Crew classes require 5+ years of dance experience.
Monday, June 11th:
6:00-7:00 Pop Culture
7:00-8:15 Lyrical/Contemporary
8:15-9:15 Hotness 102
8:30-9:30 Hotness 101
Tuesday, June 12th:
12:00-12:45 Mid Day Movement
6:00-7:00 Chair 1 & 2
7:00-8:15 Summer Crew Chair Auditions*
8:15-9:30 Summer Crew Auditions*
Wednesday, June 13th:
6:00-7:15 Burlesque
7:15-8:30 Cabaret Jazz
8:30-9:30 Hip Hop
Thursday, June 14th:
12:00-12:45 Mid Day Movement
If you have any questions about our classes please email us at info@passionandperformance.com.
Registration for Donation Days is not required, however if you wish to sign up for these classes, which begin the following week, we strongly encourage you register in advance to save a spot. If you are interested in taking multiple classes, memberships are a great option.
Please Note: Only classes shown on our Donation Days poster will be offered during this time. Our website does not reflect current scheduling for Donation Days.
Thank you!
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