Need some Halloween inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Join us at the Garden of Eden on October 7th at 7:00 for our annual Shopping Party! We get the whole store to ourselves to check out their great costumes and accessories. Passion and Performance will be providing the snacks and beverages, no shopping party is complete without a little wine!

The Garden of Eden offers an array of costumes ideas and accessories, and of course the sexiest costumes in town. They are offering all our dancers (and friends) a 10% discount on all items! If you choose to pay with cash they will not be charging tax so you’re up to a 12% discount! They have even offered a $50 bonus to the most enthusiastic shopper! (And don’t worry, these discounts don’t only apply to the costumes!)

Please contact us to be added to the guest list, and include any friends that may want to join you. If you have any questions please emails us or chat with us at the studio!

About the author : Rachel