Passion and Performance
Frequently Asked Questions 2021-2022


Where can I find the most recent COVID 19 changes to the studio? 

Our studio follows the public health order recommendations. You can find the most up to date provincial policies by following this link:

Anything specific to our studio will be posted on our social media and within our Facebook Newsletter Group.  


Where can I park?

Before 5:00 PM: You can park in the visitor spots or in any spot marked “Passion and Performance”. 

After 5:00 PM: You can park in any parking stall regardless of signage. 


Where do I put my stuff during class? 

Starting September 2021 we ask that you resume bringing your items into the studio with you and storing them in the cubbies under the benches. We do not recommend leaving your items in the lobby unattended while the lobby is open. Passion and Performance is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


Do I have to be vaccinated to attend classes? 

As per the public health order issued on August 24th, 2021 all persons must present proof of vaccination before entering high-intensity fitness facilities, which includes dance. You must have your first dose by September 13th, 2021 and be fully vaccinated by October 24th, 2021. For more information please visit the Public Health Order:

Note (August 26, 2021):  We are still waiting for instructions on how to collect this information. We will update this section when we have a better understanding. 


What is the studio mask policy?

Masks must be worn in all common areas such as the lobby. You can remove your mask once you have positioned yourself in your dance space. You do not have to dance with a mask on if you do not want to.


What are class sizes at the studio like? 

We have returned to our original class sizes. Please note that you will be dancing closer than 6 feet apart from other dancers. 


Are you still offering virtual classes?

We are no longer offering virtual learning options.  


What are Donation Days?

We offer Donation Days at the beginning of each session. This allows you to sample our classes while donating to a great cause!  All proceeds are donated to Bridges for Women. 

Please bring a cash donation or non-perishable food item to class with you. 


Do they work differently now after the pandemic? 

While we are still required to do contact tracing, you are required to pre-register for Donation Days. You can do this on the Mindbody App or on our website. We will NOT be able to accommodate walk-ins. Please register in advance. 


I noticed the membership prices have gone up. Are there other changes I should know about? 

Our memberships have returned to the former policies: 

  1. You need to provide 30 days’ notice to downgrade or terminate your membership. 
  2. You can go on hold for up to 6 months. 
  3. You can upgrade at any time.

You can now register for your classes using an online form (more details below).

You can find all of the membership policies on our website. 


Why do I pay membership fees during the months of September and December when I take fewer classes?

Memberships are not a pay-as-you-go plan, they are a financing program for the tuition of your classes. We calculate all the classes during a season and then pro-rate the fees over the year. During the months of September and December, you are paying an installment for the cost of your tuition. 


Where do I get general studio updates? 

In general, our social media platforms are the best place to access updates such as closures, cancellations etc. Additionally, if you are an active student we recommend being a part of the P&P Newsletter group on Facebook.  This is where we will provide show updates, lost and found items, costume updates, etc. 

To get access to the Newsletter Group you will be given instructions at your first class. 


Where do I get class-specific updates? 

For items specific to your class like extra practices, rehearsal videos etc. you will be placed in a Facebook group during your first week of classes.  Instructions will be provided in class. We do not make special concessions for students who do not have Facebook. 


I used to be able to register for my workshops on the Mindbody App, why can’t I do that anymore? 

Mindbody has various categories, some work for their apps, some do not. Unfortunately, our sessions will not show up on the Mindbody App because they are a part of a category called enrollments that doesn’t work on the app. You will be able to find our workshops and strength and skills drop-ins through the app. To register for sessions and competitive programs you have to do it online specifically, or at the studio. 


What is a session? 

A session is a 6-week course.  Strength and Skills and Recreational Program classes both operate in session format. 


Do I have to perform? 

Performance in our shows is not required. In some instances, if a class is very popular, placement will be prioritized for performing students.

What if our show is cancelled due to COVID 19? 

All shows have a plan B to pivot to a filmed project. You will be filmed performing your dance in the costume you purchased. More information would be provided in the Newsletter Group as needed. 


What should I wear to class? 

Comfortable clothes for movement. People tend to prefer baggier clothing for hip hop and more form-fitting clothing for erotic dance classes.  We strongly encourage all chair dancers to wear pants/leggings/tights to protect your thighs. 


Can I eat at the studio? 

Yes, you can eat and drink in the lobby. Not the studios. However, we recommend eating outside or in your car while the mask mandate is in place. 


Can I film my classes and post them on social media? 

You cannot share videos of dances preparing for a show on social media. Please make sure you ask the teacher before filming. The choreography is their intellectual property. 


Is there a referral program this year? 

The referral program will return in 2022. 


How do I update my membership? 

You can fill out the following form:

You MUST have an active monthly membership to use this form. 

I’m a member, how do I register for classes? 

You can use the same form as above! 


How do I cancel or hold my membership? 

You must email our memberships team with 30 days’ notice. You can email them at 


What happens to my left-over class passes from this year? How can I use them? 

You have until December 31, 2021, to use the rest of your passes. You can use them for workshops or to register for Strength and Skills classes. Passes are not transferable to memberships or sessions. 

We kindly ask if you plan to take skills classes to register in advance. Sessions may be cancelled for the entire six-week period if we do not meet the class registration minimum of 6 people. 


Can I still register for a class if I miss the placement class? 

If the class does not sell out you will need specific permission from the instructor. In general, if you have not been approved for that level yet, you must attend a placement class first. If the class does sell out and you were not present for the placement class and had not been given approval in advance from the teacher, you will not be placed in that class. 


What is a re-choreographing fee? 

A re-choreographing fee is charged when you drop out of a class where the routine has already started to be choreographed. This fee is charged per class you committed to. 


What are the requirements to change levels in the Chair Program? 

Chair 1: Open to anyone. 

Chair 2: You must complete two sessions in Chair 1 and then receive instructor permission. In most instances, students take 3-6 sessions before entering Chair 2. 

Company Chair: One completed year in chair dancing as well as attending the Company Chair audition. 

How do you calculate a completed year during the pandemic?  We only offered Chair from January – June, this is the equivalent of 3 sessions. You must have completed 6 full sessions of chair dancing to be eligible. Workshops do not count. 


What are the requirements to change levels in Hip Hop? 

Hip Hop Skills: Open to anyone. 

Hip Hop 1: Open to anyone who wishes to perform. 

Hip Hop 2: Instructor permission. 


Do I have to do a placement class for a higher-level class if I don’t plan to perform? 

Yes. Placement classes are to determine your spot in the class regardless of whether you plan to perform. 


How do I notify faculty and staff of my invisible disability and class accommodations? 

We want to make sure you have a positive experience at our studio.  We will do our best to support you and inform our teachers of any specific needs. If you fill out this form here, your teachers will be provided with the information: 


What is a costume savings account? 

Costumes can get pretty expensive, especially if you are taking a lot of classes.  You can contribute a monthly amount of your choosing into a costume savings account to redeem when it’s time to pay your costume fees. 

You can set up a contribution or add it to your membership using the membership update form.

How do I use the costume savings account to buy my costumes? 

Email and they will be able to assist you. 


Where is the online store to buy my costumes? 

Go to our website and visit the shop. You will be asked a security question which is available in the Newsletter group. 


What are costume late fees? Why do you charge them?

Costume late fees are calculated after the costume fee deadline. For each week that your fee is late, you are charged an additional 10%. 

1 week late: 10%

2 weeks late: 20% 

3 weeks late 30%

This fee is a penalty.  Costume orders are time-sensitive and late costumes dramatically impact our shipping costs. 


What is the difference between a piece-together costume and a purchased costume? 

In a piece together you are responsible for shopping for all items associated with your costume to fit the vision. It may include items you already own, but it may not.

A purchased costume is bought at the studio and given to you to fit the vision. 

Contrary to what most people think, piece togethers tend to be a bit pricier and more time-consuming.  We try to blend both offerings throughout the year to accommodate people’s budgets. 


Why are the costume fees different between Recreational Program costumes and Competitive Program costumes? 

Competitive Program dancers perform twice a year and Recreational Program dancers perform 6 times per year.  The fees are different to account for this difference. 


How do I contact the studio with my questions and concerns? Can I message my teacher? 

General studio inquiries, not sure who to direct your email to: 

Amy – 


Membership inquiries: 

Nancy – 


Costume inquiries: 

Jenn – 


Shows, Weddings & Private Bookings: 

Sarah – 

We kindly ask that you do not private message our instructors. Should you choose to, please note that they are not required as a part of their contract to respond to you. If you need to connect with them regarding attendance or other class questions, please use the Facebook Groups designed for your class. 


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