What forms of payment do you accept?2016-09-05T20:25:14-07:00

Cash, Cheque, Debit, Credit.

What can I donate at Donation Days?2016-09-05T20:26:53-07:00

This year our Annual Community Connection is The James Bay Community Project; this means during Donation Days any small cash donations, non-perishable food items and basic household necessities will be accepted.  JBCP has told us that there is a need for baby food and feminine hygiene products.

How do costume fees work?2016-10-15T08:51:56-07:00

If you are performing in show there will be costume fees required. Competitive Program costume fees are a pre-set amount determined at the beginning of the year.  Recreational Program fee’s will change each session depending on the costume requested by the teacher.  It is important to highlight that the costume fee is a service fee – within this fee you are paying for both the item, and the labour required to coordinate and acquire the costumes.  Additional shipping charges may apply.

Can children come to your shows?2013-12-03T23:00:36-07:00

Due to the sexual nature of our classes and performances children are not permitted at Passion and Performance shows.

What is the waiver and why do I have to sign it?2013-12-03T23:00:17-07:00

The waiver is the document that protects Passion and Performance from liability. After you sign the waiver, Passion and Performance will not be responsible for any injuries that you may incur while obtaining services at the studio.

Do you do private lessons?2016-10-15T08:51:56-07:00

Yes, we have a variety of private lesson options available. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Lacey at private_bookings@passionandperformance.com or using our contact form.

What classes are available for children?2016-09-05T20:37:08-07:00

Our classes are designed for adults only.  No children or youth (under 19) are permitted at any of our night-time classes. Parents are welcome bring their children (pre-school age and younger)  to the Mama Classes only.

What classes are available for men?2013-12-03T22:58:00-07:00

At Passion and Performance we believe that classes do not need to be restricted by gender. If you are prepared to dance in our program we welcome you with open arms!

I really want to take a class, but my funds are limited – what low income options do you have?2016-09-05T20:39:23-07:00

If money is really tight, we do have options to be a part of our low income program.  To apply for this program please contact Krystle at info@passionandperformance.com for an application form.

Additionally you are welcome to bring in items to sell at our consignment store and use the credit toward classes.

I don’t have any dance experience is that OK?2013-12-03T22:56:26-07:00

All skill levels are welcome at Passion and Performance. We only require experience for our Competitive Class dancers, as well as for the Technique and Advanced Tap classes.

What is a session?2013-12-03T22:55:39-07:00

A session is the six week period for which the majority of our classes run. The sessions run back to back from September to June. If you purchase a Membership, it will be valid for a year and encompass all the sessions within that year