Learn all the dance fads and dance history from the 1920’s right up to present day.  Our teacher Carlene will guide you through this fun dance class series through history! This class is open level and it will have an option to perform (but performing is not mandatory) and this class will not have costume fees.
*Our registration can be a bit tricky. First you must sign in or make a MindBody account. After that select the Enrollments tab on the top and you should see the class ready for you! 
RULES OF ROULETTE PROGRAM: This is a special program for both our students and teachers to explore a creative outlet at a low cost. Classes are 5 weeks long and will only run when a session window becomes available. The course is $55 and all participants acknowledge that they could be learning ANYTHING. It may be a new teacher, a new style of dance, skills or a routine. This program is 100% non-refundable. Existing students are not permitted to drop classes to transfer into a Roulette Class for a refund on their previous class. Students can pay the extra $55 for the course or students with a membership can add a Roulette Upgrade for $10 a month and they can take all of the Roulette classes as they become available.
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