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March 29, 2020

Thankfully, we don’t have much to update this week. This is a good thing! Classes are moving along as usual.

The only significant change this week mainly pertains to our regularly scheduled classes happening in the private Facebook groups. Starting this week, all of our classes will be moving over to ZOOM. To really enjoy your Zoom experience you will need to download the Zoom App. Students will have the option to be seen or not, though we encourage you to get on film so your teacher can truly instruct and assist you.

The classes will be recorded and active for one week after.  They will then be replaced by the upcoming week. So if you miss class, you will have one week to watch the full class video. The week will be from the day it was filmed. (So if you missed a class on Tuesday, you will have until the next Tuesday).  It will be up to the teachers’ individual discretion if they will also post Youtube videos as we did in class at the studio.

Here are some resources for setting up your Zoom account (Click item to be taken each guide):

Getting Started on Windows or Mac  

Getting Started with iPhone or iPad

Getting Started with Android

March 22, 2020

Well, it looks like we will be continuing another week with classes at home!

I would like to begin by thanking everyone with my whole entire being for both your emotional and financial support. Thank you for keeping your memberships active, for your donations and for the comments of positivity.  When I wrote my statement last weekend, I really didn’t know what would happen. But once again Passion and Performance has given me a strong sense of purpose and comfort. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

What to expect this week:

  • Dance Classes From Home Will continue with a new schedule this week!  We will be using the same model – videos will go live, with a new schedule being posted each day. Please make sure you invite friends and family who will find joy in our group. <3
  • Registered Classes: 
    • Certain Strength and Skills Classes will be moving over to the Dance Classes from Home Group. This means Ballet, Hotness Skills, Barre, and Splits Skills will now be in this group.  If you had registered for these classes we encourage you to continue taking them, but we are additionally allowing all students who registered for these classes to select an additional Private P&P Group to join in and learn the choreography for other classes. Please private message Victoria Hotness with the name you registered with as well as which group you would like to be in. You can select from:
      • Chair Dancers
      • Hotness Dancers
      • Hoop Skills
      • Hip Hop Dancers
      • Pop Culture
      • Cabaret Jazz Dancers
      • Cowichan Chair
      • Cowichan Hotness
    • Recreational Program and Competitive Program Classes will now all be provided within the private groups starting this week. On Monday I will be trying out Zoom with one of my Company Classes to see how it goes.  Each teacher will post within the group how they will be providing the video.  Please be patient with us. This will largely be a testing week as we sort it out and we will have a concrete plan (should we need one) the following week.
  • Choreography Program Home Course This week we will be releasing a choreography program that you can do at home. I will be teaching it and it will be on a sliding scale. I will be releasing a level two program as well for students who have completed the first program.
  • Burlesque Creativity Incubator I will be running a program specifically for burlesque artists focused on cultivating new, fresh and innovative ideas. The design of the program is to begin creating portfolios for each performer with a breadth of original ideas for routines. Additionally, we will work on stage analysis, movement techniques, incorporating dance and some workshopping.

Please stay safe and take care of yourself. I miss you all very dearly and look forward to the day when we can all be in the same room cheering each other on.

With Love,



March 15, 2020

I had contemplated writing this in the great corporate company “We”, but in a time where social distancing and isolation is required, I felt humanizing the dialogue would be the right approach to keep our Passion and Performance family up to date with COVID-19 related items.

As a small business owner, it’s always a fine line to balance the needs of the business, the needs of the faculty and the needs of the customer. At this uncertain time, I will openly admit that I have had a hard time trying to make the right decision. Eventually, as I thought more about the members of our community and their families, the answer became obvious:  We must do everything in our power to make sure our students are healthy, safe, and cared for. This is always what we set out to do, and what we will continue to do.

As such, we have decided to temporarily shut down Passion and Performance for the week of March 16-22nd and we will update each Sunday, in keeping with the most recent Government-issued information. I made this decision with many factors in mind: the health of our students, the impacts of childcare, the precarious nature of employment, all obstacles we should consider when we come to class.

You probably have some questions about what to expect in the following weeks. I’ll be honest, I don’t fully know myself, but I can commit to keeping you updated as decisions are made. So here is what you need to know as a student, faculty member, or prospective student this week (and now over to the company “we”):

Fees, Tuition and Memberships:

  • We understand that flexibility is necessary at this time. As such, we have adjusted our membership policies, including hold policies to assist students who need support or last-minute adjustments. Please contact our memberships team at memberships@passionandperformance.com for assistance.
  • We kindly ask that if you are in a position where your tuition costs do not impact your income that you consider keeping your membership active. We are happy to allocate fees over to account credits if necessary. As a small business, we rely greatly on these fees to stay afloat and your patience and generosity is greatly appreciated.
  • Our termination policy remains the same at this time.
  • Our sessional refund policy remains the same at this time
  • Our BOGO offer can now be purchased as a gift card and will be extended to be redeemed until September 1, 2020. To purchase this offer, please email info@passionandperformance.com. They will give you the option to apply the credit directly to your account with a note or to send you an actual gift card.

Costume Fees

  • Costume fees will be suspended at this time for Session 4. We will be doing piece together for all routines.
  • Most of the Competitive Program costumes paid in January have been delivered and we do have them for you in preparation for the show.


  • At this time, both our Cowichan and Victoria Spring Showcases are scheduled to perform on the select dates, however we will not release tickets until we have more concrete information around social gatherings in the upcoming weeks.
  • We are committed to honoring the hard work and dedication all of our dancers have put in this year. We will have a Showcase, even if it means pushing the dates or times. All dancers will get their time on stage again when the time is right.

Video Classes

Just because we can’t share physical space does NOT mean we can’t dance together. We are a close-knit community and we love and need each other at this time. Dance is our safe practice, our tool for anxiety and our sacred connecting activity. Social distance doesn’t have to mean social isolation!

We have started a Facebook group. Open to everyone, where our teachers will be posting dance classes.  Now let us be clear – we’re totally winging it, but it should be a hoot. There is no schedule – teachers will post the day and time of the class and what they will offer and then it will go live in this group. And hey, maybe you don’t want to actually get up and join us, but you can join us for a laugh and the connection. We could all use it right now.

Our teachers are donating their time to do this. Sadly, if the studio isn’t open, we can’t commit to pay our instructors for these online classes. We kindly ask that you consider donating if its within your means, to participate in this group. Donations will go toward helping the business with necessary expenses during this unprecedented closure.

Join the Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/3320551954625880/

Donate Here:


What about my classes I’m enrolled in?

While we have made this week optional for our teachers, should our break be extended, we will be moving all of our classes to live video in the already existing class groups (Chair, Hip Hop, Hotness Etc). Dust out your dining room chairs!

Please do not hesitate if you have any questions or concerns.  If you join us on our online video journey, please feel free to post pictures and videos of you dancing at home. Use #DanceIsMyPassion Pets and kiddos included for bonus points!

With love,


Rachel Paish

CEO/President/Artistic Director

Passion and Performance Arts Inc.

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