Passion and Performance is excited to host the incredible Cherry OnTop from Vancouver.


Join Cherry OnTop in an exploration of classic burlesqe and the art of the tease. Practice beautiful “Peels & Reveals” using gloves, bras and panties while swaying to the timeless sounds of seductive burlesque music. We’ll work on posture, poise, walks, some dance movement, then get warmed up to remove our costume items with, style, grace, sass and skill. Let that sparkling inner diva or sexy minx out of her shell and out to play!

What to wear or bring: Fitted workout clothes, heels if you wish. YOU WILL NEED AN EXTRA BRA, PANTIES AND EVENING GLOVES that will be worn over your other clothes.



Join Cherry OnTop as she puts a burlesque spin on the sensual movements of floor work and erotica. Work on basics including floor entry, crawling, stripper push ups, stripper bumps and floor poses, then add some extar flair. Learn about body placement and awareness then apply it to some good old fashioned floor crawling and grinding! We’ll apply out new-found moves to a short choreo that will be part lady, part tramp ;)

What to wear or bring: Fitted workout clothes, heels if you wish to practice in them, water


HOW TO REGISTER: You can register at our studio, over the phone or online!

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ABOUT CHERRY: Cherry OnTop has been performing as a burlesque artist in Vancouver since 2003 and is one of the founders of Sweet Soul Burlesque, the acclaimed West Coast troupe. She has rocked stages from Whitehorse to Acapulco, Toronto to Phoenix, and always brings the heat.

Known for her energy and dance moves, Cherry OnTop will kick you in the teeth while simultaneously kissing you on the lips. With a love for the beauty of classic burlesque, she is most inspired by hip hop and world music and is able to bridge the gap between classic and neo-burlesque with a wink and a smile.

Cherry has been featured performing on Showtime’s “The L Word” and has appeared on Fashion TV, CITY TV, and MTV. She has also graced the cover of Vancouver’s Georgia Straight entertainment magazine and was honoured to be chosen to compete for “Best Debut” at the 2010 Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and “Best Duo” along with Lola Frost in 2012.

As one of the original co-producers of The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and co-owner of the former underground palace DollHouse Studios, Cherry is extremely excited about her current project – The Vancouver Burlesque Centre – and happy to be working with one of her favourite performers in the city, Lola Frost.

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