Own That Stage! A Class in Burlesque Stage Presence with Chastity Twist

Sunday, April 23rd from 12:00-1:30pm
Workshop: $30

What’s it like when you’re backstage and just can’t get in the mood you want onstage? Or when you can’t express something that’s really important to you because you’re nervous, scared, or trying to remember your choreography? How does it feel when your number went “alright” or didn’t go over the way you wanted?
Imagine stepping onstage with no butterflies in your stomach, only a fierce sense of ownership and purpose guiding you to express your most authentic self. What’s it like to feel alive and confident, and know you’re about to give your audience the most amazing gift?

Strong stage presence happens before you even set foot onstage.
Learn a process that is uniquely yours, so you can do your absolute best and OWN THAT STAGE!

This class includes burlesque choreography. Please bring one item of clothing or a costume piece you would like to remove. Wear comfortable, moveable clothing and bring a waterbottle. Heels are optional (no stilettos please).

Register in studio or online!

Feel free to email info@passionandperformance.com if you have questions!

About the author : Caitlin Pierce