We’re looking for Sponsors and Community Alliances to work with us for our 2015-2016 Season.

Do you own  or manage a business that is looking to expand your horizons? Are you looking for a venue to promote your products and services?  We want to meet you! We want to work with you!  We have two opportunities for fellow business leaders in the Victoria Area:


It’s simple – You can buy advertising space for any of our show programs OR purchase a booth to sell and promote your product at one of our shows. We produce shows four times a year that consistently sell out.  With a minimum of 150 audience members and participants at each event, this is a great way to sell your product and spread the word within our vibrant community!


Advertisement Space
One space in one program  $                50.00
One space in two programs  $                80.00
One space in three programs  $             100.00
Once space in all programs  $             150.00
Show Vendors
One Booth – Hotness Show  $                60.00
One Booth – CCC *  $             125.00
One Booth – March Theme **  $             125.00
Spring Showcase  $             175.00
Booth Combo’s
For two shows (No showcase)  $             160.00
For two Shows (Showcase)  $             225.00
All Shows  $             425.00
All shows with advertising space  $             500.00

*Must commit to being at both shows.

** Must be theme relevant.


Perhaps you are more interested in providing a trade or service in exchange for a booth or one of our services? If that is the case we would love to build a Community Alliance with you.

We are looking for alliances in different complimentary services, products and venues to work with throughout the year.  In exchange we will be more than happy to provide services of the same value for your organization.

Here are the types of businesses we’re looking for and which department they would work with at our studio:

 Show Services   Competitive Program/ Costume Committee
o   Venues o   Clothing Stores
o   Program and printing o   Costume Rentals
o   Food vendors o   Seamstress
o   Costuming o   Make up Artist
 Wedding Services o   Hair Stylist
o   Florists o   Photographers
o   Dress providers o   Videographers
o   Wedding planners Membership enhancements
o   Limo Services o   Other fun service providers
o   Catering o   Entertainers
o   Bakery and Pastry o   Vacation and travel
o   Venues o   Hotel
o   Restaurants o   Restaurants
o   Liquor o   Merchandise
o   Make-up artists o   Spa Services
o   Videographer o   Esthetics, Hair and Makeup
o   Hotels and Travel o   Clothing
o   Spa o   Adult Merchandise

So let’s get the ball rolling and work together! Please contact us to set up a meeting and discuss how we can help each other grow. 

“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

About the author : Rachel