Have you ever heard of a tech or business incubator?  This is a process when a business in its early stages, or during a stage of rapid growth is provided with safe harbour, intensive resources and a development environment in which they can flourish. Given the current climate of everything going on, it feels like a good time for performers to hunker down and start cultivating.

About me: 

My specialty is choreography.  Since opening Passion and Performance almost 10 years ago, I have put almost 600 routines on stage, including three original full shows. I have also been choreographing burlesque routines for just as long.  Performers often hire me to spruce things up, rebrand, make something original and weird or to learn more about incorporating dance into their routines. I have also had multiple of my routines featured on burlesque festival stages.

How this program will work: 

Please take a moment to fill out the intake form here: https://forms.gle/1s4xx4CvrG9E9a599

I will be putting folks into cohort groups so that we can work on specific challenges that you all commonly face as well as similarly focused goals. Do you want to come up with a bunch of routine ideas? Do you struggle with musical interpretation? Do you want to learn more about group choreography? From there each cohort will meet with me once a week for six weeks. Each meeting will include a check-in as well as an assignment. This program is not just about learning, it’s about creating.

The deadline to sign up is Thursday, March 26 by midnight. Cohorts will be sent out on Friday.

These are crazy times you guys. I have no expectation of charging high tuition.  I will accept a donation for this program with a couple of options.

  • Pay as you go: You can pay before each meeting. The minimum donation is $9
  • Pay in full: You can pay all at once, the minimum donation is $50

Please note that my choreography program and other course offerings of this nature are usually $400.

Additional note:  I understand life is changing literally every day. If you opt for the pay as you go option and find suddenly that you can no longer pay. You are not on the hook for any further fees and there will be no judgement. Every day is one day at a time <3.

Donate Here: 

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