Our Recreational classes are a great way to step into the world of dance. Many of our classes combine erotic dance with forms of jazz and dance technique. We will improve your self-image and health through non-traditional forms of dance that naturally incorporate aerobic exercise, resistance-training, and core workouts. Sexy dance not for you? No problem! We offer a lot of fun classes for all comfort levels.

 All of our Recreational Classes operate on a sessional schedule.  That means that a new session of classes start every six weeks. To view the session dates please visit our schedule. Want to dance all year with out signing up every 6 weeks? Sounds like you’re a good candidate for a membership!  Members pay for their classes monthly at a cheaper, pro-rated rate and receive a ton of perks. Check out the Membership Options!
Jacqueline Grey Wall #1

Chair Dance

Cabaret and Flash Dance proved that chair-sitting does not have to be still and silent. This steamy class will have…

Hotness Classic Poster March 2016

Classic Hotness

Ready to try something new? Or come back to something you may have been missing? This is the class for…


Dancer Fitness

Get ready to sweat. This class is all about strength, flexibility, and endurance for dancers! Open to everyone from beginners to…

carmen web

Dancer’s Stretch

This class is designed for and dedicated to stretching using Yin Yoga philosophy. In a quiet, calm, soft setting dancers…


Hip Hop [Explicit]

  Starting September 2016! This class runs Monday nights from 8:15 to 9:15. Passion and Performance's first ever Hip-Hop class!…


Hoop Dancing

Hoopdance Basics: Learn the fundamentals of Hoopdance while working your core, upper body, and legs. This class is suitable for…

Myndi Dance #3

Hotness 101 & 102

Are you new to shaking booty? Does tossing your hair sound a bit like a hazard? Have no fear! We…


Pop Culture

In this class we will spend each session dedicated to a specific Dance movie where the music and dancing style…

Myndi Dance #9

Sweat and Strut

Target your arms, abs, and butt with a racy twist in our Sweat and Strut class. Roll your hips and…

Tie up and Tease

Tie up and Tease

Grab a bathrobe belt, a strip of silk, or your man's favourite tie and join this fun, provocative dance class.…