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Passion and Performance believes that adults can enhance their sensuality and fitness through dance. We hold true to this belief by offering classes with two unique focuses regardless of a dancer’s skill level, gender, or age.

Get fit, feel sexy, have fun, and be confident while experiencing the power of dance. Register for Passion and Performance classes today.

-Rachel Paish and the Passion and Performance Staff


Are You Feeling FIERCE?

Are you feeling FIERCE this spring? Check out our popular Fierce Workshop series and get some awesome skills to dominate the dance floor. Take all three classes for $50 or take the ones that tickle […]

A Hollywood Affair – March 6, 2015


Join us for our new and unique themed show and party!

A Hollywood Affair is the first of our new annual themed show that will then turn into a theme party which […]

January Donation Days 2015

Guess who is turning 5!? To celebrate P & P’s 5th Birthday we will be offering a different promotion for every Donation Days event!  Kicking off 2015 we will be having a context through our Facebook […]