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Passion and Performance believes that adults can enhance their sensuality and fitness through dance. We hold true to this belief by offering classes with two unique focuses regardless of a dancer’s skill level, gender, or age.

Get fit, feel sexy, have fun, and be confident while experiencing the power of dance. Register for Passion and Performance classes today.

-Rachel Paish and the Passion and Performance Staff

Recent News

Chair Dance Intensive – October 18th!

Our Chair Dance Intensive is like one whole chair session crammed into 2 hours! This high impact course goes over chair technique, tricks, tips and choreography.

Space is limited so make sure you save your spot and register ASAP!

Do you have Dance Experience?

There is an option to challenge the Chair Dance 1 Course for an […]

Studio Open House – September 7th!

With so many excited to students bursting with questions we decided to host an open house! If you want to find out which class is right for you, learn more about memberships or just see our space – feel free to swing by on September 7th from 1-4:00 pm and chat with studio owner Rachel […]

September Donation Days – Sept. 8-11th

Guess who is turning 5!? To celebrate P & P’s 5th Birthday we will be offering a different promotion for every Donation Days event!  Kicking off our birthday bash everyone who attends our September Donation Days event from the 8th to 11th will win a door prize. You can win a prize for each day […]

The Third Annual Hotness Show – August 10

The Third Annual Hotness Show is just around the corner!
Bigger and better than ever this summer we have TWO summer crews ready to hit the stage and show you their hot numbers in this special summer show.  Plus – our Recreational Program classes and guest performers are ready to entertain as well so get your […]